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Go green and do your bit for the planet with the new ICE solar power borealis watch. The solar-powered timepiece is ultra slim and feather light. Simply expose it to natural or artificial light to charge, then sit back and enjoy as it lasts and lasts.


Robert H Ingersoll and his brother Charles founded the Ingersoll Watch Company, one of the oldest American watchmakers. The Ingersoll brothers were pioneers of industry and invention in the field of watchmaking. They devised and followed an ambitious plan: to offer Ingersoll watches to the general public at an affordable price, whilst maintaining real quality and credibility.


Nordgreen's vision is to pioneer the next wave of responsible Danish design, and the mission is to innovate and market responsible Danish design and lifestyle to the world. To accomplish these goals, they continue to challenge design standards, as well as the commitment to solving social and environmental challenges for global communities and the planet.